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      Almost every industry can benefit from aerial imaging. Photography and videography captured from a birds-eye vantage point gets the attention and visibility you want for everything imaginable – from marketing to site inspections to 3D mapping and topology. Aerial images can be further processed to offer additional insight, a game-changer in industries like civil engineering and agriculture. Our pilots are FAA 107 licensed, insured, and based out of New Braunfels, Texas, serving the south Texas region.


Sporting Events & Fundraisers

     Our experienced team of FAA licensed pilots and camera operators can provide you high-resolution videos and pictures of special events that can be used to create exciting perspectives for all to enjoy. We are helping schools and universities improve their operations and create long lasting memories.

Stadium sporting events
Sports practices
Marathons and Races
Marching Bands
School grounds
Extracurricular activities
Community parades

Residential & Commercial Real Estate Services

Add Value to Property Listings
  • Capture sweeping sky views. Drones can capture spectacular aerial views of properties of all sizes, helping to set them apart from the rest.

  • Showcase unique features such as architectural facades, pools or tennis courts with high resolution camera capabilities.

  • Highlight neighborhood benefits such as nearby parks, schools, shopping, and commuter routes.

  • Show the town. Help buyers see the local lifestyle with views of the local area and its areas of interest.

More Qualified Buyers Fast
  • Expand your market. Give out of town buyers more reason to contact you when your listing both shows and tells the best story possible.

  • Answer key buyer questions visually. Display features important to buyers without a site visit.

  • Budget friendly. Drone aerial imagery is an affordable way to get the high-resolution images you need.

  • Fast results with minimal disruption. Drone video delivers precise, up-close results quickly, easily, and quietly.

Skykat's drone pilots are FAA-certified and experienced in capturing residential and commercial real estate footage for superior sales appeal.

Aerial view of goods warehouse. Logistics center in industrial city zone from above. Aeria

Business Promotion & Marketing

Marketing Material
  • Highlight the area around a property, such as nearby attractions or beautiful scenery.

  • Provide never-before-seen viewpoints of a property.

  • Provide immersive video and virtual tours.

Advertising & Social Media
  • Update websites with new, high-definition images, panoramic photos, and videos.

  • Create high-quality printed materials and brochures with stunning photographs of your property.

Whether the goal is to attract new members to a country club, draw visitors to a resort, or bring attention to your business with advertising, drone photography and video transports the viewer to the site, providing both up-close, and high resolution media that will generate more revenue for your business

Commercial, & Residential Inspection Services

Our high-definition photos and videos can be used for a wide variety of purposes, such as:

HOA Compliance
  • Easily cover large common areas and grounds to keep HOA policies or property rules in force.

  • Simplify city and state regulatory compliance.

  • Capture the documentation needed to demonstrate performance.

Insurance and Claims Adjusters
  • Safely inspect hard-to-reach areas with aerial images that provide up-close views of fire and other types of property damage.

  • Assessing storm and flood damage to land and property.

  • Determine the need for roof repairs and building restoration and maintenance.

  • Monitor progress of construction and building sites at a bird’s eye view.

  • Inspect landscaping, parking lots, equipment, and other assets to evaluate conditions.

Repair services
  • Thermal, multi-spectral and topographical views from drone imaging support a variety of advanced inspection tasks. Drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras can detect differences in temperature which may indicate surface degradation, cracks, or other flaws with HVAC & Electrical systems.

Drone in the air inspecting the roof over the house. Close-up of drone and roof..jpg
Land Plot on Field for agribusiness. Field arable Land for sale and investment_ Aerial dro

Industrial Aerial inspection Services

     In industries where regular equipment, structure, and site inspections are necessary for safety and regulatory compliance but accessibility and safety are concerns, drone inspections are an excellent alternative. Many industries with hard-to-reach inspection sites are increasingly turning to drones to complete them.

  • Monitor health of crops and livestock and to look for concerns in land conditions.

Oil & Gas
  • In refineries and chemical facilities, we provide safe, comprehensive inspections for maintenance. Use drones to collect thorough data of stacks and flares, pipelines, platforms, and more without putting workers in harm’s way. Ensure storage containers, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, and other assets are in good repair.

  • Determine the structural integrity of bridges, water towers, and other structures.

  • Inspection of cell phone towers

Utilities and power companies
  • Water towers, wastewater stations, transmission lines

     Visual inspections are necessary across almost all industries. Having an experienced, qualified inspector with an eye for detail and the knowledge to spot potential problems is essential to keeping everything in proper working order. It also helps to prevent accidents and disasters resulting from damaged or aging equipment. With our team of experienced, licensed pilots, we can provide you with drone inspections that improve the safety of your worksite without sacrificing the attention to detail needed to keep equipment and structures properly maintained.

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